Guitar lessons are one of the most popular choices at Morningside School of Music. Electric, Classical, Acoustic, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Folk….we teach it all. If you are looking for Edinburgh Guitar Lessons, look no further!

Our guitar teachers are not only fully qualified at what they do, but they also have a wealth of experience playing with some of the biggest acts in the music industry, both in the studio and live. Our staff have worked as high school music teachers, university professors, primary school music assistants and community education guitar teachers. At Morningside School of Music, you are guaranteed high-quality guitar lessons from the very best expert teachers in the field. Why settle for less? We guarantee you won’t find better anywhere. Come and see for yourself.

Learning to play the guitar can be so much fun. It’s quicker, easier and much more enjoyable than most people think. We like to have our students playing a few songs on the guitar at their very first lesson, even if they have never even held a guitar before- it really is that quick!

Children’s Guitar Tuition

We usually start teaching children age 4+. We have small 1/4 and 1/2 size children’s size guitars that we can let your little one use during the lesson. With younger children, we promote the fun aspects of playing the guitar by teaching music that kids can identify with (nursery rhymes, cartoon themes, pop songs, etc.) At the same time, we also ensure that the correct level of theoretical and practical knowledge is taught, in a gentle and fun way.

The high number of primary school children that have attended for many years is clear evidence of the professional and enjoyable approach we take to educating 4 to 12-year-olds. We see each child as an individual, and we tailor lessons specifically to suit their musical needs and interests. Our teachers have taught children to play the guitar from all over Edinburgh, with many parents now travelling from much further afield, from places such as Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Fife, the Borders and even Carlisle.

Adult Guitar Lessons

Adult guitar lessons are extremely popular at Morningside School of Music, and we teach a high number of people who want to play the guitar, but have never even held an instrument before. Most people are a bit nervous that they won’t be able to learn as they have left it too late, but they get a nice surprise when they go home playing a handful of songs after their very first lesson.

We like to offer the best structured approached to learning while ensuring that we cover the styles of music that our clients want to learn. Most adults that have tried piano lessons as a child may be put off from having lessons again due to the strict reputation that piano teachers had in the past. Those days are gone, and a fresh, friendly, fun and vibrant brand of professional music teacher now exists that are a pleasure to be around and to be taught by. Some adult learners may be interested in trying to work through the piano grades for personal achievement; others may prefer to have a more relaxed approach and just learn some songs for fun. Either way, our teachers will support you and assist you in learning the very best method that will suit your needs.

Read our testimonials to find out what our existing clients say.

Guitar Lessons For Teenagers

Our guitar teachers have inside knowledge of what is required to pass National 5, Higher and Sixth Year Study school exams, and our teachers have taught in high schools for many years. We will ensure that your son or daughter gets the correct professional tuition required to work in line with Scottish Qualification Authority school music curriculum to move towards gaining high results. We have a fun approach to the necessary course work that schools hand out during 4th, 5th and 6th year, this, in turn, makes learning easier and guitar practice more enjoyable. Most schools follow the syllabi course work of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Rockschool or Trinity College London. We offer the very highest level of music tuition available for all three of these options.

Alongside school curriculum, we cover tailored music tuition that will suit your teen’s musical interests from rock, indie, pop, heavy metal, punk and much more. Our guitar teachers have worked with some of the biggest names in the international music industry; this will allow for a very interesting lesson in learning the best guitar techniques to make the best guitarist.



Links for Guitar Exams

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