Bass guitar tuition at Morningside School of Music is rewarding and fun. Our skilled teachers aim to equip first-time students with basic knowledge of technical and theoretical components of becoming a master bass player.

Bass Guitar Lessons for Adults

The Bass guitar is a fantastic instrument to learn whatever age you are – over sixty percent of our clients fit into the adult category. We offer various approaches to playing the bass guitar, the first of which is a modern, fun and structured way of learning. We can help you work through graded syllabi, such as the very well received Rockschool graded method, as well as the Trinity College London graded method. However, should you wish to take a more relaxed approach to learning, our fully qualified music teachers will be only too happy to custom design a mode of learning to suit your every need and musical interest. Our lessons take place right up until 10 o’clock at night, so even the latest of Edinburgh office workers can catch the numbers 5, 11, or 16 buses to our front door for an evening bass guitar lesson. You’ll find our bass guitar teachers to be highly knowledgeable experts, but also approachable, helpful and friendly.

Bass Guitar Lessons for Children

Bass guitar lessons are offered to children of age six years old and upwards. The teachers are very fun and get on incredibly well with children. All of our music teachers are fully registered with the Disclosure Scotland PVG scheme, and all our staff are also NSPCC child protection trained, as well as having the latest first aid training through the British Red Cross. All staff are the most highly qualified music teachers available. Bass lessons can take place after school or in the early evening, ideal for younger children. Lessons can be aimed at working through graded syllabi, such as the well respected Rockschool graded method or the Trinity College London, ‘Rock and Pop’ graded syllabus. We welcome all parents or guardians to sit in on the bass guitar lessons and even take part.

Bass Guitar Lessons for Teenagers

Bass guitar lessons for teenagers are a brilliant way for teens to move forward in their school grades. Our fully qualified music teachers have a complete understanding of the Rockschool graded syllabus, which is recognised by the SQA. These Rockschool graded pieces can be played in music exams in schools to help students achieve qualifications ranging from the level of National 5 to Advanced Higher study. Rockschool grades 6 – 8 are also recognised by UCAS, which awards points depending on the level of musical achievement. These points can be very useful in applications to universities. We offer bass guitar lessons to pupils from a range of schools in the Edinburgh area, such as George Heriots, George Watson’s College, Saint Thomas of Aquin’s RC High School, Boroughmuir High School, James Gillespie’s High School and much more.

For more information on bass guitar exams:

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