Drum lessons are one of the most popular instruments with our clients. We teach many different percussion styles from rock to jazz, pop to Latin. Many of our drumming clients opt to study the Rockschool Drum Syllabus which is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways to learn a musical instrument. Others may opt for a less structured approach, and either way, we can customise a method that is best for you. If you are looking for Edinburgh-based drum lessons, then look no further!

Our professional drum teachers have played with some of the leading names in the currently popular music industry, and our clients enjoy benefiting from our drum teacher’s extensive experience. Technical aspects such as rudiments, timing, coordination and syncopation are taught, as well as many other extensive elements originating from the world of rhythm.

Children’s Drum Lessons

Drums are possibly the most exciting and fun instrument for children to play. From the age of 5+, we welcome children to come along and learn how to play the drums properly while having a great time.

Our fully qualified teachers can take your child through the complete basics up through graded syllabi such as the well respected Rockschool graded syllabus or the Trinity ‘Rock and Pop’ drumming syllabus. If you prefer to keep it strictly fun, your child can work on songs they choose that they instantly identify with.

Our drumming teachers are enhanced disclosed who have a proven track record of students obtaining exceptionally high exam results, with the majority of the students gaining merits and distinctions.

Drum Lessons for Adults

We currently have a very large number of adults coming for drum lessons at Morningside School of Music. This shows that you are never too old to play the drums!

Our Drum lessons are geared for whatever style you choose, rock, pop, jazz, salsa, Latin, punk, heavy metal…it’s your choice. The drum lessons that we offer can be approached in a way that suits your style of learning. Lessons can be relaxed and move at your desired pace, or we can create a more dedicated plan for the more serious player.

Drum Lessons For Teenagers

Our fully qualified drumming teachers offer support to every teenager’s musical achievements in school, as well as each student’s personal advancement as a musician. Most high schools in Edinburgh follow the SQA recommended drumming syllabus, Rockschool. These graded Rockschool exams are recognised by the SQA and can be used in exams to obtain qualifications such as National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher study. UCAS also recognised the Rockschool syllabus and awards points depending on the level of musical achievement obtained by a student. These points are very useful in university applications. All of our teachers are fully qualified and experts in their field, we only employ the very finest educators to make sure that our clients get exactly what they need in their school exams. We have been teaching high school pupils from the Edinburgh area for over ten years and helping them through their music curriculum. We are proud of our extremely high exam pass rate, and most of our students gain merits and distinctions.



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