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singing lessons in Edinburgh,edinburgh,singing,lessons,teacher,tutor,voice,voval,coach,tuition,Singing Lessons for Adults

Adult singing lessons are highly exciting, fun and very rewarding. It’s ok if you are a complete beginner, as many of our adult vocal clients had never sung before since they were at school, if that.

Our highly qualified, specialist singing teachers can help you achieve your vocal goals and get you singing the way you have always dreamed of, by taking you through a serious of exercises, warm ups and techniques that really make a difference.

We aim to make the whole learning process fun by working around styles that interest you and in particular, looking at you favourite musical artists and how they use their voices.

We have just as many adult students as we do child pupils, so don’t let that put you off. The first step on you having the voice you have always wanted is by booking yourself in for a lesson with one of our professionals, who you’ll realise are all about making the process as fun as possible!

Drop us an email now, and we will organise everything for you. Morningside@polarflamemusic.com or you can leave a message for one of the singing teachers on Edinburgh 0131 447 1117, and we will be back in touch with you shortly.

childrens singing lessons,singing lessons for children,child with microphone,kid on stage,edinburghChildren’s Singing Tuition

Our number one rule at Morningside School of Music is that ‘learning has to be fun!’ That is why we have become one of the foremost educators of private vocal tuition in Scotland, with people coming as far as Kilmarnock, Carlisle, Glasgow and Dundee on a weekly occurrence, just to have a lesson with our highly experienced and impressively qualified vocal coaches.

When teaching younger voices, we spend a great deal of effort ensuring that the essential practical and theoretical elements are covered to protect their voices and ensure that they get the most from all of their lessons. While it could be agreed that most children enjoy pop music, our qualified teachers can work on a whole array of styles while introducing diverse types of singing to each child, to encourage them to develop as a young vocalist.

We always recommend coming along with your child for the first lesson so you can see for yourself how fun and professional it really is. When it comes to singing some children can be nervous singing in front of a family member, Should this be the case, you will be made more than welcome at reception.

Booking a lesson for your son or daughter couldn’t be easier, just head over to the contact page and drop us a message and we will organise everything for you.

In order to maintain the very highest standards in child protection, each of our teachers are fully registered with the PVG Enhanced Disclosure scheme (Protecting Vulnerable Groups). Further to this every one of our teachers goes through a rigorous vetting procedure and has to complete an NSPCC training course. Every few years all of our staff do emergency first aid training with the British Red Cross, as we believe safety to be a priority for everyone who visits our premises.

nat 5, singing, lessons,edinburgh,teacher,tuition,lessons,tutor,Singing Classes for High School Pupils

Music exams at high school can be hard for any musician, but for singers, it can be particularly difficult. That is why we have developed a singing lesson structure which helps rid nerves and promote vocal confidence. Our qualified singing teachers have a fantastic understanding of SQA curriculum for National 5, Higher and Sixth Year Study singing lessons; that is why we can help your teenager on the pathway to getting great results. Feel free to call up and speak to one of our singing teachers for more information on how we can help.

Our qualified singing teachers have a fantastic understanding of the SQA curriculum for National 5, Higher and Sixth Year Study singing lessons; that is why we can help your teenager on the pathway to getting great results. Feel free to call up and speak to one of our singing teachers for more information on how we can help. We teach high school pupils from a whole host of schools including Fettes College, George Watson’s College, George Heriot’s, Stewart’s Melville College, Merchiston School for Boys, St. George’s School for Girls.

Fettes College, George Watson’s College, George Heriot’s, Stewart’s Melville College, Merchiston School for Boys and St. George’s School for Girls. Boroughmuir High School, James Gillespies High School, St Thomas’ of Aquinas, Broughton High School, Balerno Community High School, Firhill High School and Royal High School to name but just a few.

All of our singing tutors are PVG Registered, have carried out NSPCC Child Protection Training & have recently carried out British Red Cross First Aid Training.

music courses,university music,edinburgh music courses,glasgow music courses,college,music,university, Our Singing Teachers

Our singing teachers are not only fully qualified at what they do, but they also have a wealth of practical musicianship experience gained from working with some of the biggest acts in the music industry, both in the studio and live.

We have a mixture of highly skilled vocal educators at Morningside School of Music. They have worked as high school music teachers, university professors, primary school music assistants and community education vocal teachers. All of our clients are guaranteed high-quality singing lessons from the very best expert teachers in the field.

When asking yourself “Is there singing lessons near me?”, Morningside School of Music has spent almost 20 years finding the best teachers in Scotland. Singing lessons don’t come better than this!

Edinburgh,singing,vocals,band, tutor, teacher,vocals,vocalist,

Learning To Sing

Our Edinburgh based singing lessons cover a diverse field of vocal techniques which range from resonance, posture, range, sound, microphone technique, maintaining vocal health, breathing and tone. Our singing and vocal lessons really do work, all you have to do is put the practice in and you’ll notice a difference in no time at all.

Everything we teach is developed for level, age and style. We welcome singers who are complete beginners that have never sung before; we also welcome advanced vocalists who want to continue keeping their voice in tip top condition and who want to work on the most advanced pieces of music.

Half Hour Singing LessonAll Ages


Per Half HourA private 1-2-1 lesson with a highly experienced vocal teacher.

Full Hour Singing lessonAll Ages


Per Full HourLearn from an expert music teacher for a full hour on voice.

Student Half Hour LessonWith Valid Student Card


Per Half HourSpecial rate for matriculated students. Private singing lesson.

Student Full Hour LessonWith Valid Student Card


Per Full HourSpecial rate for matriculated students. Private vocal lesson.

Voice Exam Websites:

You can find out more about singing graded exam certification for all ages in the links below:

The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music Singing Exams

Rockschool Vocal Exams

Trinity College London Singing Exams

Trinity College London Rock & Pop Singing Exams

Edinburgh Guitar Lessons

Edinburgh Guitar Lessons

Edinburgh Singing Lessons

Edinburgh Singing Lessons

Edinburgh Piano Lessons

Edinburgh Piano Lessons

Edinburgh Piano Lessons For Children, Teenagers and Adults

Edinburgh Saxophone Lessons

Edinburgh Saxophone Lessons

Edinburgh Bass Lessons

Edinburgh Bass Lessons

Edinburgh Violin Lessons

Edinburgh Violin Lessons

Music Theory Courses

Music Theory Courses

Edinburgh Drum Lessons

Edinburgh Drum Lessons

Edinburgh Flute Lessons

Edinburgh Flute Lessons