Finding it hard to get started with notation? Maybe you have already started reading sheet music, but you just feel you’re not moving quite as fast as you would like to?

Suitable for all musicians, we take you on a step by step approach to learning the art of reading, writing and understanding music.

Ever wanted to sit down and write your own songs? Do you play in a band and want to make a better contribution? Our teachers have worked alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry, plus the songwriters, producers, management and record companies working with them. We offer an insider’s approach to songwriting and how the industry music moguls compose for artists around the world.

This course is specially designed to help musicians have a better understanding of how chords work and their relationship with scales and keys. This fast-track approach will see you leaving with clear, understandable knowledge of how to play over 120 chords.

For more information on the courses and workshops at Morningside School of Music in Edinburgh, please call us on 0131 447 1117, and we will be more than happy to help.