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The one thing that musicians rely on more than anything else, can sometimes be the one thing that is always taken for granted. Our hearing.

Looking after your listening is essential, especially if you are a musician, it is the primary tool of our trade, without it, we are obsolete. So today we spoke with an Edinburgh based hearing expert, Mark Coyle, who is the Director of Audiology at Hear-Here, one of Scotland’s top hearing clinics. In the video below, Mark gives tips on how to care for your hearing before it’s too late and what steps you can take right now, to care for your ears. No more cotton buds for a start!

We are sure you will enjoy watching the video below. However, we would strongly recommend going one step further and having a hearing test carried out with Mark to monitor your hearing. Doing so would flag any current issues and halt potential problems that could go on to pose a serious hearing risk later in life.

It is not uncommon for earwax to build up in your ear canal, especially if you have been using cotton buds (this can push wax further into your ear and even cause it to impact your ear-drum or tympanic membrane, which stops it performing as it
needs to if you’re going to hear well). Not everyone would notice as this occurs gradually over time. Audiological experts such as Mark, use a video camera otoscope to show you inside your ears, so you can see the problem for yourself (this usually acts as a deterrent from using cotton buds again). In the next step of the procedure, Mark would use a gentle suction machine to remove the wax from each ear. The outcome of these methods would be a heightened sense of hearing. Some people have described it as ‘the volume being turned back up again.’

Most people are surprised when the experts explain to themquite how easy it is to unknowingly, permanently damage your hearing for the rest of your life. To protect your hearing from permanent damage, Mark would be able to recommend custom hearing protection kits for when you are practising, recording and playing live.

Think of it this way:

You go to the dentist.
You go to the opticians.
But what about your hearing?

Please visit the Hear-Here Edinburgh Audiology website and make an appointment with Mark. Don’t wait until something goes wrong or for ringing in your ears to happen, your hearing is far too valuable. We strongly recommend that you take action now, no matter what age you are.


Mark Coyle, HAD, MSHAA
Director of Audiology
0800 228 9997

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