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At Morningside School of Music, we have been working with adults since 1999, but the best comments always come from our younger clientele. Our specialist PVG registered teachers work with children from the age of 4 (for most instruments), building a trusting pupil-teacher relationship where sometimes the child doesn’t know what should maybe be kept for when they are at home with mummy and daddy. We have seen and heard it all. From the little boy who was sitting on his Mum’s knee at the piano and decided to have a pee right there (you could say the mum was a bit pee’d off about it!), to the little girl who was waiting in reception who shouted at the top of her voice when the place was packed with customers on a Saturday morning, “My Mum was really drunk last night!”. You can always rely on kids to say it as it is!

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Here are some brilliant examples!

  • Teacher to 4-year-old student, “That drink looks tasty”… little boy responds “It’s Vodka!” (Dad was not amused!)
  • Teacher to 5-year-old girl learning piano “What is that little dot called?” the little girl proudly states “It’s a Pistachio” (real answer – Stacatto!)
  • Little girl who came in for her singing lesson explaining that she had practised non-stop because “Mum said if I didn’t, I’d never see my iPad again”
  • When one of our teachers was teaching a group guitar lesson at a local primary school, the teacher asked them to be as quiet as they could and not to hit the strings whilst the guitar teacher gave out instructions. All was well for about 20 seconds till one little boy started strumming the strings of his guitar as fast and as loud as he possibly could, whilst shouting “I’M LIVING THE DREAM!!!” Neither the class teacher or the guitar teacher had any ideas where the little boy had heard such a statement, but both agreed that he was destined to be a rock star!
  • We always let children ‘park’ their scooters in the staff part of the reception area whilst they go in for their lesson. One little boy came in and asked the receptionist to look after it for him as he “Didn’t want a parking ticket!” (maybe mum or dad had recently been the unfortunate recipient of one recently and the child overheard?)
  •  Not funny, but very cute. The tiny little boy who comes in for piano lessons and insists on humming (out of key) along with every note he plays on piano! “Lah…lah, Laaaaa!!!”
  • A girl (10) who was going to a halloween party after her piano lesson, was dressed as Elsa from the movie Frozen, and was learning ‘Let it go” also from the movie. As she left her lesson, a little girl who was waiting in reception with her dad, said to her in a very shy and quiet voice as she passed “…h.h.h.hello Elsa… I love you” Very cute indeed! The slightly older student (Elsa) let the little girl’s mum take a picture of the two together, so that her friends could see her with “the REAL Elsa!”.

We were all children once! 😉

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