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Imagine that you were asked to repair a car. You could probably change the tyres, fill up the window-wiper fluid and maybe even check the oil, but how far could you really go without learning the background in mechanics? Well, music is exactly the same.

Most self taught musicians find that they can get to a certain stage in playing music but then they hit a brick wall. If you think back to repairing the car, this occurs somewhere shortly following checking the oil.

One way to break down this wall is through music theory. Though it has traditionally been thought of as difficult and a bit dry, part of this can be down to who is teaching you and the methodology being used. Music theory doesn’t have to be boring! It can actually be really interesting and fun, plus it is incredibly useful. The best way to think of theory is that it will give you tricks and tips to help you learn faster to be the best player possible, and it will also help you develop more confidence in yourself as a musician. Our aim as teachers is to make theory as easy and fun as possible for our clients.

Music theory can be studied at any point in a musician’s career, however it is best to link theory with practical skills from the beginning.

We will be offering many different courses in music theory, popular music theory, how to read sheet music and compositional theory. All of the courses are suitable for everyone. We also offer lessons on ABRSM theory grades.