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We were looking about the internet to find some of the most bizarre guitars we could find, and our guitar teachers came up with some very interesting finds. From a Batman guitar, to a guitar that looks like it is made out of snakes, these are not the kind of guitars you would expect someone to walk into a guitar lesson with! There is no doubt that these guitars involve some very skilled craftsmanship indeed, not sure if I would play one myself though 😉

Who is to say that some people don’t find a Les Paul Standard or a Fender Stratocaster, strange?

If you have seem a stranger guitar, please email us with a some pictures and we will get them up on one of our next blogs. We will be doing a blog shortly for acoustic guitarists looking at the different types of woods and shapes that guitar players might want to try out before buying. Of course, if you want some quick sound advice, our teachers are always happy to help. The guys at Edinburgh Guitar Repair Centre are very good also.

If you are interested in having guitar lessons with professional music teachers, get in touch.

Percentage of guitarists who wanted one of those guitars!

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