Over the last few years, there has been a plethora of Spanish songs hitting the UK charts. Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi are perhaps the most recognised with their song ‘Despacito’. ‘Despacito’ has since become the most viewed YouTube song of all time. And now? Now it is the turn of the latest singing sensation to hail from Latin/South America- Maluma.

Who is Maluma?

Maluma with Ronaldinho

Maluma chatting to former Barcelona and Brazil star Ronaldinho.

Juan Luis Londoño Arias (or Maluma), was born in Medellín, Colombia, on 28th January 1994. He started his vocal career in 2011 when he released 3 songs. However, these songs failed to reach the charts in his homeland. Maluma released a further two the following year, again to no avail. Maluma finally achieved success when his song ‘Miss Independent’ reached No. 2 in the Colombian charts. The very same year, he released his first album entitled ‘Magia’.


In 2015, Maluma started to become a household name in Spanish and Latin American homes. He achieved his first No.1 hit in Colombia with the song ‘Borró Cassette’. It also reached No.3 in the Billboard Hot Latin Songs (USA) and No.23 in Spain. This was only the start of Maluma’s success, though. The following year he reached No.1, again in Colombia, but also Mexico with ‘El Perdedor’. The latter two were also released on his second studio album entitled ‘Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy’.


This was also the year in which he started to collaborate more with other artists. He appeared in two of the most popular Spanish tracks written in 2016. He collaborated with Ricky Martin and Shakira respectively. The former, called ‘Vente Pa’ Ca’, reached No.1 in almost all South American countries. The song also proved to be popular in Europe. For example, the song appeared on charts in Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain amongst others. The collaboration with Shakira, on the other hand, entitled ‘Chantaje’, proved to be just as, if not more popular than ‘Vente Pa’ Ca’. It reached No.1 in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Spain and Uruguay. The hit also achieved the top spot in the aforementioned chart in the USA.

Maluma’s first world tour

He embarked on his first ever world tour in May 2016. The ‘Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy’ world tour commenced in May 2016 in Mexico and ended in December 2017, also in Mexico. The tour reached all corners of the globe from his native Colombia to the USA, all the way to London. In total, he played 151 concerts.


Maluma on stage.

Recent ventures

Perhaps Maluma’s most famous solo song to be released was ‘Felices los 4’. The song even made its way on to the official Billboard top 100, peaking at No. 48. The hit also reached the top spot in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Romania and Venezuela. He achieved similar success with the song ‘Corazón’ later that year, with the song again achieving Latin American dominance and branching out to Europe. It was no surprise that in 2018, he was also very successful, recording the FIFA World Cup song ‘Colors’ with Jason Derulo.

2nd world tour

He also had his second world tour entitled ‘F.A.ME.’. The tour started in unfamiliar territory in New Zealand and ended in Colombia. This time he only played 63 concerts, however, it could be argued that this tour was bigger as he sold out venues such as Madison Square Garden in New York and The Forum in California. Furthermore, he also played a concert in Wembley Arena, which was an incredible feet for the 25-year-old. Maluma is probably best known in the English speaking world for collaborating with XXXTentacion, Lil Pump and Swae Lee for the song ‘Arms around you’. It was also the first time that Maluma appeared in the U.K charts, peaking at No.14.

This year

Maluma shows no signs of regressing in 2019, as he has already released two songs, ‘Vivir Bailando’ and ‘HP’, with the latter reaching No.2 in Colombia, and No.4 in Spain. He has also announced a new world tour, and that he will be releasing a new album called ’11:11’. Furthermore, he excited fans by posting a picture on Instagram with Madonna, with a new song called ‘Medellín’ being released on 17 April 2019.

Keep an eye out for Maluma

Maluma in concert

Colombian Artist Maluma singing in concert.

Maluma is already a superstar in Spanish speaking countries and is bit-by-bit branching out to the English-speaking world. At the age of 25, Maluma is a very exciting talent, so keep an eye out for him coming to a venue near you in the future. Who knows, he could be the architect of the new ‘Despacito’.


Visit the Maluma Website to find out more.