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The Rockschool Debut 2018 Book is perfect for beginners!

The Rockschool Debut 2018 Guitar book contains everything you need to sit your Debut exam – in one essential book. It’s packed with essential techniques and theory for beginners picking up the fundamentals of guitar.

This is an excellent learning aid for the electric guitar, although to maximise the experience it really needs a teacher to take one through some of the techniques.
It consists of six compositions for the electric guitar which cover a range of musical styles from Alternative Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal, Indie Rock, Progressive Rock and Pop Punk.

These are composed especially for the Rockschool syllabus so they are novel pieces. Each are designed to include a variety of guitar techniques including chords, power chords, played both ringing and palm muted, together with solo phrases using hammer-on/pull-offs, slides, bends and vibrato etc. at the appropriate level of difficulty. Each piece has playing instructions and tips, describes the genre in which it is written giving examples of bands with similar styles, and includes recommendations for amp settings etc.

Also in the Rockschool Debut 2018 Guitar Book, there are a listing of the required scales and arpeggios, and sight reading and ear-test examples, and examination details and techniques. There is also one preview composition piece from the Grade 1 book.

Learning guitar effectively and in a fun way requires are a number of resources, however, this series enables one to develop a range of techniques progressively. It is a really excellent syllabus, and well worth the investment even if one doesn’t enter for the examination.

What you’ll learn at Debut

  • Chords, power chords, string crossing and rests
  • Major and Minor Pentatonic scales, chords and riff playing
  • Playback skills

Guitar Debut features:

  • Six Performance Pieces, six styles of rock and pop
  • Fact Files: background information on each style with recommended listening
  • Walkthroughs: hints and tips on the tricky sections of the Performance Pieces
  • CD with full mixes and backing tracks
  • Introduction to tone: full amp-setting suggestions
  • World-class musicians, top-flight production
  • Plot your stylistic specialism up through the grades

For the 2012-2018 Syllabus, we’ve combined 20 years of experience in rock and pop music education with some of the most sought-after session musicians to ensure our tunes are the most authentic on offer. We’ve listened to all your suggestions, critiques and improvements to compile our best syllabus yet.

All Rockschool grades are fully accredited throughout the UK by the qualifications regulators of England (OfQual) Wales (DCELLS) Northern Ireland (CCEA) AND Scotland (SQA Accreditation).

For full use of this book, why not arrange some guitar lessons with us?


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