We have reopened for lessons!

Our lessons have now resumed at the music school as well as online. We expect to be very busy, so book now to avoid disappointment.


Edinburgh Piano Lessons

We have a selection of the finest piano teachers in the country who specialise in classical, jazz and popular styles of playing. You can have piano lessons at any age, lots of adults attend Morningside School of Music.


Edinburgh Saxophone Lessons

An instrument that holds a special place in both jazz and classical music, the saxophone is a very popular choice at Morningside School of Music. We teach both tenor and alto, and cover many different approaches to learning this fantastic instrument, including ABRSM grades.


Edinburgh Drum Lessons

Our professional percussion teachers have played with some of the leading names in the music industry, and our clients enjoy benefiting from their extensive experience. Technical aspects such as rudiments, timing, co-ordination and syncopation are taught, as well as many other elements originating from the world of rhythm.


Edinburgh Singing Lessons

From musicals to Oasis, we can help you with whatever style you want to learn. Our teachers are fantastic and fun, and the lessons are always exciting.


Edinburgh Violin Lessons

The violin is an exquisite instrument for any person to learn; our teachers can guide you to make the most of its remarkable resonance.


Edinburgh Bass Lessons

Our proficient teachers aim to equip first time students with basic knowledge of technical and theoretical components of becoming a master bass player. Students are encouraged to examine various methods of playing the bass guitar, as well as learn to express themselves musically.


Ukulele, Accordion & More

Most our teachers are multi-instrumentalists who enjoy playing less popular but equally attractive instruments, so if you have something special in mind don't be afraid to ask. You may be surprised at the wide range of instruments we can teach you something about...


Morningside School of Music. Raising musical excellence across Edinburgh since 1999.

All of our music teachers at Morningside School of Music are professional, fully-qualified experts, with extensive backgrounds working within the music industry as performers as well as teachers. We aim to offer the very best music lessons in Edinburgh to all ages, children and adults. Learning to sing or play a musical instrument is excellent fun and highly rewarding, both academically and socially.

We are proud to offer a range of music lessons at our Edinburgh location including Guitar (electric and acoustic), Bass, Piano, Singing, Drums, Violin, Saxophone, Music Production, Music Theory and much more. Our Edinburgh Singing Lessons and Edinburgh Guitar Lessons are a firm favourite with our clients, however, our Edinburgh Piano Lessons are also very popular choice for both children as well as adults. We offer tuition to all levels from complete beginner right through to advanced.

We like to practice what we preach, so you’ll find that most of our staff have performed alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry, playing piano, singing backing vocals, soloing on electric guitar and much more. We also have had a long list of famous celebrities attending the school for tuition, including an Edinburgh based international writer, television hosts, various number 1 selling artists, a Hollywood movie star, a former chancellor of the exchequer and numerous football stars. Our singing lessons are a particular favourite for industry vocalists looking to keep their voice in tip-top shape. All of our music teachers are fully qualified expert musicians and hold PVG Enhanced Disclosure registration. We love music, we live for music and we want to help you enjoy it and get as much from being a musician as we do.

Our music teachers work with both adults and children (age 4+). The music school opens at around 2.30pm on weekdays and closes at 10pm, we are also open at the weekends to offer tuition, so we are available whenever is most convenient for you.

Our lessons take place in the beautiful Morningside neighbourhood of Edinburgh, and our building is just steps away from several major bus routes and just next door to South Morningside Primary School. Feel free to give us a call to speak with one of our friendly instrumental teachers who will be more than happy to help with organising a music lesson for you or your child.

You are never too old you learn. Due to our opening hours, we actually teach more adults now that children! Learning to sing, strumming the guitar, practising the trumpet or jamming on the drums, it is for everyone, not just the kids.

Our most popular music lessons

Drum Lessons in Edinburgh

Drum Lessons in Edinburgh

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Edinburgh Singing Lessons

Edinburgh Flute Lessons

Edinburgh Flute Lessons

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Edinburgh Guitar Lessons


Trumpet Lessons in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons in Edinburgh


Ukulele Lessons in Edinburgh


Bass Guitar Lessons in Edinburgh


Clarinet Lessons in Edinburgh

Music Theory Lessons

Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons in Edinburgh

Saxophone Lessons in Edinburgh

Do you want to record or perform live?

We give all our music students the opportunity to play live, either solo or as part of a band, and to record in the studio to make a demo. If you are a singer, it can be a massive boost to your confidence and abilities when hearing yourself singing on a recording.  Our professional PR managers can help get you get off on the right foot when getting involved in the music industry. Some of our team have been resposible for many number one selling singles and albums, here and internationally.

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Emily – Singing Teacher

An experienced voice teacher with an excellent track record of vocal improvement and the management of performance anxiety. Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree in music with honours specialising in voice and a Master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh in music, researching film composition. To book a vocal lesson with email, please visit the contact page or email us on reception@morningsideschoolofmusic.co.uk

About Morningside School of Music

We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our teachers have particular qualities that we see as essential in order to be a first-class music teacher. Our tutors are all fully qualified and registered through the Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme. Further to this, our music tutors have a wealth of educational experience from schools, colleges and universities. Many of these musicians have also played with some of the biggest artists in the music industry and, more importantly, have a passion for helping people learn to play a musical instrument. Morningside School of Music is a professional learning environment kitted out with the very best equipment and academic resources for all ages and levels from complete beginner.

We are pleased to offer classical and popular music lessons on all instruments and well as singing, we have a range of singing teachers who offer the very finest vocal tuition in Edinburgh. We also teach piano lessons and guitar lessons which are very popular, amongst many other instruments. We offer expert tuition on ABRSM gradesRockschool grades and Trinity College London grades, but if you’re more interested in being in a band or just want to play at home to relax, then we can offered you the very best, fully tailored private music lessons.

Do you offer online music lessons?

Yes. During the coronavirus outbreak, we have had to close the music school building on the advice of the UK & Scottish Governments. Currently, all of our music lessons are taking place using Zoom, Skype or Facetime.
The music teachers are working from home at this time, however, we are still a fully functional business that is open as usual, all be it in an online sense. Online music tuition works incredibly well and we can cover all the lesson materials with you, the same as if the tuition was carried out in person, in the same room. We understand that some people may be a little unsure about trying online music lessons. Let us set everything up for you and you can give it a try, we are certain that you will be very pleasantly surprised.

When we open back up

If you are wondering “but are the singing lessons near me?”, we are based on Comiston Road in the Morningside are of Edinburgh, handy for central Edinburgh, Midlothian, West Lothian, East Lothian, the Borders and Fife. We can promise you that our highly professional vocal tuition with the best team of singing teachers in Edinburgh, is well worth any travel.