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The Dan Beattie Award for Dedication to Musical Excellence

An extremely keen & gifted young musician, Dan attended Morningside School of Music throughout 2010 in preparation for his studies in Music at Brunel University, London. Dan was one of the most determined and enthusiastic musicians that the school has encountered, and his attitude towards learning was nothing short of inspirational.

Dan played guitar, piano and was also a great vocalist. He later went on to learn the mandolin and ukulele. He had a particular interest in popular music theory and live music performance. Music was his pride and passion.

Aged only 24, Dan and his younger sister Carly, 21, were tragically involved in a fatal air accident whilst in Florida.

Dan will be greatly missed by all the staff at Morningside School of Music who grew very fond of Dan, and had the pleasure of becoming friends with Dan before he moved to London.

Morningside School of Music will continue to remember Dan every year through the ‘Dan Beattie Memorial Award’ which will be presented to the student who shows the same high level of determination & dedication that Dan showed throughout his musical training.

The award is presented annually at the Morningside School of Music Grand Annual Ball, by Dan’s father, Mr Tom Beattie.

The award has been presented to:

2009 – Ruiradh Logan
2010 – Angus Harrower
2013 – Nikki Lamont
2014 – Connal Mooney
2015 – Izzy MaCullich

2011 Winner – Ruaridh Logan

The first ever winner of the Dan Beattie Award for Dedication to Musical Excellence. Ruaridh worked extremely hard on drums and guitar, dedicating as much free time as possible to the progression of his musical studies. The staff at Morningside School of Music were extremely proud to see Ruaridh lifting the trophy as he deserved it for his constant determination. Since winning the award, he has went on to perform at various gigs across the Capital and has continued to progress under the watchful eye of his teacher, David Jeans.

Further to his excellent record of musicianship, Ruaridh is also a champion tennis player and has competed all over the World. Such countries include Japan, Belgium, Italy, France and Switzerland.

2012 Winner – Angus Harrower

The second winner of the Dan Beattie Memorial Award was 14 year old singer, pianist and guitarist, Angus Harrower. The award ceremony was held at the 2012 Morningside School of Music Annual Dinner which raised over £2,000 for the Sick Kids Friend’s Foundation. The award was presented by Dan’s father, Tom. Since winning the award, Gus has went on to play, compose, produce and promote his way to Scottish music scene stardom. Gus has been on various TV shows, written about in many newspapers and in 2015, was included in the Scotland on Sunday ‘one to watch for 2016’ list.

His continuous fight to climb to the top in the music world in infectious, and many younger musicians within Morningside School of Music, are trying to take a leaf out of Gus’ book by setting up their own gigs and writing songs all day long.

Gus is an inspiration to everyone who has the joy of meeting him or hearing his music.

Watch the video for his single ‘Mystery’ 

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The 2013 Winner. Nikki Lamont

Not only is Nikki involved in playing guitar and singing, she worked extremely hard to learn piano, compose her own songs and perform in studio recordings and live gigs. Her impressive hard work and dedication paid off when she lifted the trophy as this years winner.

2014 Winner – Conal Mooney

Conal ‘The Rockstar’ Mooney, as he is affectionately known at the music school, has proved himself to be a very worthy winner of the Dan Beattie Award. As a multi-instrumentalist to can play piano, bass and drums, Conal has just received a distinction in his grade 8 Rockschool guitar exam. We are very proud of Conal due to the determination he holds when it comes to musicianship.

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