Music technology has changed dramatically in the past 15 years. The days of having to go into the studio to record your demo are over, with a plethora of DAW’s (digital audio workstation) now available to use for home recording. Home computers now have the strength to carry out significant musical tasks, such as recording multiple audio tracks at the same time. This has led to DAW’s being a key part of any budding musician’s tool kit. Below are the top three DAW’s currently on the market:

Cubase Pro 8 (£400)

  • From it’s humble beginnings on the Atari ST back in 1989, Cubase has come a long way in what it can offer
  • The layout is user-friendly as well as it being easier to find your way about
  • Cubase is very useful if working with MIDI (recording MIDI piano for example) interests you
  • The wide range of new plug-ins are useful for composition and making each track sound clean and professional
  • Suitable for Mac and PC
  • Perfect for the musician looking to start home recording

Pro Tools 12 (£600)

  • Pro Tools also started out back in 1989 as a software editor for a synth
  • The audio capabilities of Pro Tools are simply jaw dropping
  • Pro Tools is used in most of the major recording studios around the world
  • Fairly complicated to get to grips with but online courses are available for official qualifications
  • Not really suitable for beginners because of its complicated layout
  • Requires hardware such as the Fast Track Due audio interface which you can purchase with the software
  • Pro Tools is aimed more are producers rather than musicians

Reason 8 (£269)

  • Reason started out in 2000
  • There is a massive range of plugins & samples to individualise the software
  • Very easy to use
  • Suitable for musicians rather that producers
  • Lots of free online tutorials on their website
  • This is our favourite as it covers just about everything you could ever need, plus it is the most cost-effective!

For more information on any of the above, please click the links on the name of each piece of software.