The piano is an instrument that can be used to create music across the board. Many people choose one of the three main styles: classical, modern or jazz. We encourage all three equally and like to give everyone the opportunity to have piano lessons across all styles. We can teach you the specific style that you want to learn, while our professional, qualified piano teachers guide you on the path to becoming a successful musician. The number one priority for all of our teachers is that our clients, both children and adults, have as much fun as possible!

Piano Lessons for Children

From age 4+, we have specialist piano teachers who can educate your child through special piano grades or a slightly more relaxed introductory method based on your child’s age and preference. We can teach classical grades through the ABRSM Piano Graded Syllabus, as well as the Rockschool Piano Syllabus, both of which are Scottish Qualifications Authority approved for use in both state and private schools. Our Edinburgh Piano lessons are made fun and easy for all our clients. We have special after school slots available as well as early evening and weekend; we can always find a time that suits parent and child. Why not book your little boy or girl in with us for a trial piano lesson to see if it is the instrument for them?

Piano Lessons for Adults

We understand that most adults wish they had started piano lessons when they were a child, or that some adults did play when they were younger, but decided to give it up. Whatever the situation, you’re never too old to start playing the piano again or start from scratch, or even pick up from where you left off. The piano is a fantastic instrument whatever style you decide to play. You may even decide that going through the grades as an adult, might take the fun out of playing. If this is the case, don’t worry, we are more than happy to help you find out exactly what you would like to play, and then help you get on the road to being a fantastic musician.

We offer private piano lessons for complete beginners to a very advanced level from 12 noon till 9pm, 7 days a week (9am till 9pm on weekends), so we will always be able to accommodate a time that suits you. A trial piano lesson can be booked by calling us on 0131 447 1117.

Piano Lessons for Teenagers

Our piano teachers are highly experienced in the Scottish Qualifications Authority high school music curriculum, and we can help your teenager through National 5, Higher and Sixth Year Study music practical and theory exams. We not only concentrate on the practical elements during the piano tuition, but we offer a wealth of knowledge and guidance for theory exams. If your teenager has chosen different subjects at school and decided to leave music out, but still wants to learn the piano from scratch or continue their studies, we can help on a whole range of levels making the steps to mastering piano, fun and easy. Our piano tutors, teachers and professors are very friendly and professional, making lessons on the piano extremely fresh and exciting.




Links for Piano Exams:

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